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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

So good to have you here! My hope for this blog is to inspire others to live confident lives by sharing my experience raising two very confident daughters. They are both in their 20's and thriving!


Where do I get my inspiration? As you read above, first and foremost from tested firsthand experience raising confident kids as well as books and articles I read, TV shows and documentaries I watch, and inspirational speakers I listen to. I'm a voracious reader and constantly on the hunt for wisdom! I certainly don't think I know it all, there are a great many humans out there who have know WAY more than I do, so I draw from their wisdom as well and give credit where credit is due.


My goal with this website is to empower each person who comes here to live a more confident life by learning how to pursue confidence in every area. Whether that area is in your job, family, friends, home keeping, finances, health, food - whatever the case may be - there is always a way to move forward towards more confidence.


Researching and writing about what it takes to be confident is my number one passion. I strive to update my social media presence daily with short quotes and photos directing people to this site where we will go more in depth on each subject.


I started with just an Instagram profile, which led to this website and this blog. My vision is to continue to expand to different social media platforms as well as a podcast and a book compiling everything on this site plus a lot more. I would love to create a community of humans with different perspectives and life experiences to come alongside me and share their stories, talk about what their path pursuing confidence and contribute to the community. I'm also working on merchandise to offer to help inspire you in your daily life and spread the message of living a more confident, fulfilled, healthy life.

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